Team 1 Team 2 Prediction (%) Odds
ZIGMA Beyond Beyond to WIN (84%) 1.70
Invictus TIGER Invictus to WIN (75%) 1.85
North Sprout Sprout to WIN (75%) 1.71
BOOM Sharks BOOM to WIN (85%) 1.43
100 Thieves Liquid Liquid to WIN (68%) 1.58


Green = 70%+ Probability

Orange = 60%-70% Probability

Red = 50%-60% Probability



If games are missing from the CS:GO prediction page it is likely to be a result of one of these reasons:

  1.  It is not a best of 3.
  2. There is less than 5 available games of data on both of the two teams playing.

The reason why we do not predict best of 1 games is because we have found them to be a lot more random than best of 3’s. We do not predict a game for a team with less than 5 games available because of the limited data available for the team.

Some predictions change as Akka is run twice a day. This means that Akka is constantly being updated with new data and thus a new model is created each time which can change predictions.