This guide is created to show what is offered by Akka and how to interpret Akka’s Predictions.


An example of our AI’s (Akka) football predictions are below. The predictions include whether both the home and away team will win, lose or draw. Two types of predictions and why they occur:

  • A double chance (Team X to Win OR Draw; Team X to WIN OR Team Y to WIN) – Akka develops predictions for each team per game and if these predictions do not match then this occurs.
  • A single (Team X to WIN; Team X to DRAW) – this occurs when Akka’s predictions for both teams match.

As we are NOT a traditional tipster we purely provide the predictions and you make the deicisons. 

Please note: The table below is meant to be used as an example.


Home Team Away Team Prediction (%)
Luton Middlesbrough Luton to WIN OR Draw (77%)
Brentford Birmingham Brentford to WIN (49%)
Blackburn Charlton Blackburn to WIN (53%)
Barnsley Fulham Barnsley OR Fulham to WIN (74%)
Bristol City Leeds Leeds to WIN (45.5%)