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The predictions are updated no later than 1 hour before the first game of the day kicks off and no earlier than 48 hours before a game tackes place.

Akka Tips is not affiliated with any betting companies meaning no prediction is influenced by anything other than data.

Yes you can! Login and click on the Upgrade tab. Here you will be able to upgrade your account to the next package.

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The use of predictions are up to you. We include what the Akka believes are the chances of the outcome occurring are which may aid your decision. To clarify any uncertainties consult our Akka Guide.

We do not predict cup games due to lack of data regarding them. We want to give the best predictions we can and including cup games would prevent this.

In short, no. Unless you purchase the English leagues package or the English Leagues & CS:GO package you will not be able to access our Premier League predictions. However. if you’re wanting to get a taste of Akka we have an Instagram, Twitter & Facebook page, @akkatips, where we post predictions for the MLS and League 2 so you can get a taste of what Akka is about. As well as a free version of the Akka subscription.

The reason for this is because Akka predicts each team individually. This means that Akka models distinctly for each team which can mean predicting different outcomes. If the outcomes are different they are presented as double chance, if not they are presented as singles. As we are not a traditional tipster the way you interpret this is up to you.