In our previous blog post we informed you that we were developing artificial intelligences for various sports including MMA specifically the UFC. Well, during the month of May we were able to put this new MMA Akka to the test and the results were extremely promising.


Firstly, we predicted almost every fight in the last 4 UFC events from Ferguson vs Gaethje to Woodley vs Burns. This consisted of a total of 35 predictions with the AI getting 21 of those correct.  To put this into perspective the ROI for these predictions is 7.63% meaning for every £10 placed on a prediction it would have returned on average £0.76. 

To further deep dive into these predictions, we determine whether each prediction has value. What we label as value is when the AI predicted probability > Bookmaker’s predicted probability. For example, if the expected probability of Fighter A beating Fighter B is 50% and the bookmaker’s odds are 2.00 or lower then there is no value. However if the odds are above 2.00 then there is value.  For all predictions where value was identified the ROI for these was 18.32% meaning for every £10 placed on each prediction the average return would be £1.83. This is more than twice the ROI for predicting every fight!


Given the ROI is so much higher for our value picks it means that our AI is so far managing to better predict UFC events compared to the bookies. This is exactly the results we hoped for and we strive to maintain them as more and more UFC events are held. 


As this Akka is still currently being tested we offer the predictions COMPLETELY FREE across Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Follow us on these platforms to keep updated on any new Akkas as well as our UFC picks!

We hope you  enjoyed this Akka Tips update!  We hope you are all keeping safe during these troublesome and unjust times.

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Akka = The name of our AI.

ROI (Return on Investment) = Profit as a percentage of total money invested.

Calculation: (Money Won – Total Money Staked)/ Total Money Staked

Over 2 = Any of our AI’s predictions where odds were greater than 2 and less than 3 (decimal odds).

Bookmaker’s Predicted Probability = Converting bookmaker odds to a probability.

Calculation (based on decimal odds): 1 / Odds

Stats Zone = Part of our Football Package offering stats for 14+ European Leagues.

Backtest = Use the AI to predict past data showing the accuracy levels if used in the past.