June marked the return of the biggest sport in the world, football. However, it did not return in the same way we left it. Stadiums are now filled with silence, water breaks  are the new norm and pre-pandemic form is something some teams dream of regaining. Due to these fundamental changes to the sport we resisted offering our paid AI predictions as we wanted to determine whether it could adapt. 

The results are in.


Prior to the pandemic we were seeing great strides towards success with Akka’s predictions in the top Spanish league, La Liga. Many questions were asked as to whether Akka could maintain its success despite the evident changes in the game. We didn’t need to worry. 

Since the return of La Liga we have seen the AI have an accuracy of 71% across EVERY La Liga game, a total of 49 games so far.  For our Over 2 predictions we have an ROI of 41%. 

Unbelievable stats.

During this period we have also seen improvements in our Premier League predictions. Since the restart for the Premier League Akka’s accuracy has been 63% with an ROI of 7% on over every prediction made!

 These stats prove that our AI has been able to and will continue to adapt to the changing nature of the game!


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We hope you  enjoyed this Akka Tips update!  

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

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Akka = The name of our AI.

ROI (Return on Investment) = Profit as a percentage of total money invested.

Calculation: (Money Won – Total Money Staked)/ Total Money Staked

Over 2 = Any of our AI’s predictions where odds were greater than 2 and less than 3 (decimal odds).

Bookmaker’s Predicted Probability = Converting bookmaker odds to a probability.

Calculation (based on decimal odds): 1 / Odds

Stats Zone = Part of our Football Package offering stats for 14+ European Leagues.

Backtest = Use the AI to predict past data showing the accuracy levels if used in the past.