July was the end of the long-awaited European seasons that ground to a halt due to the global pandemic. Even with the long break our AI was still able to offer predictions on the English leagues that did not end their season early. Now all these seasons have reached a conclusion we can offer some takeaways from AI over the course of this season:

  • Overall a positive ROI (+5%) on our Over 2 predictions. Across all the English Leagues.
  • Most profitable league: League Two 22% ROI (Over 2 predictions)
  • Least profitable league: Premier League -9% ROI (Over 2 predictions)
  • EVERY LEAGUE we had a higher accuracy than the odds suggested we should.
  •  HomeTeam to Win predictions had the best ROI (+1%) on every prediction (500+).


We as a team at Akka are very proud of the results that the AI has produced. The ability for the AI to consistently be positive despite how sharp the odds are for the English leagues is a feat in itself.

Even with these positive results we still strive to improve the model even further through the use of a wider range of data. This data will be implemented into the AI over the downtime of the English leagues not playing and will be added to our Football package at no extra cost.


Despite the English leagues season coming to an end we still have a huge amount of resources available that you can access during the downtime.

For example we are still offering our MLS AI which smashed the predictions last season and we aim to replicate this again.

We have added stats on over 200 leagues in an easy-to-use format that will allow you to find the most valuable matches in no time. With our handy quick stats tool you can see which games have the highest likelihood of a market occurring such as BTTS and Over 2.5 goals. This is available through our Football Package.

If you’re sick of football we have our MMA AI that predicts the outcome of UFC fights and has been profitable since its creation with an ROI of 11%! We have also just added predictions for whether fights will go the distance or not!

As you can see that there is no end to the season as you are able to access a wide range of resources that you can utilise to inform your bets! 


We hope you  enjoyed this Akka Tips update!  

We hope you are all keeping safe and well.

To gain access to Akkas just click here.


Akka = The name of our AI.

ROI (Return on Investment) = Profit as a percentage of total money invested.

Calculation: (Money Won – Total Money Staked)/ Total Money Staked

Over 2 = Any of our AI’s predictions where odds were greater than 2 and less than 3 (decimal odds).

Bookmaker’s Predicted Probability = Converting bookmaker odds to a probability.

Calculation (based on decimal odds): 1 / Odds

Stats Zone = Part of our Football Package offering stats for 14+ European Leagues.

Backtest = Use the AI to predict past data showing the accuracy levels if used in the past.

Sharp = When odds are very close to the true outcome of an event meaning it is difficult to profit from these bets.