Beating the Bookies – Before, During and After the Pandemic

BEATING THE BOOKIES BEFORE, DURING (AND AFTER) THE PANDEMIC Top of Page Glossary Recent global events have impacted Akka Tips in many ways. The lack of something that we rely on, sport, has been postponed for the foreseeable future. However, instead of licking our wounds and feeling sorry for ourselves this time has given us …

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Dry January

DRY JANUARY As the name of this blog post suggests over the month of January our AI suffered from a dry spell after some shock results across the top English Leagues.  January 2020 was the first time our AI has seen a negative ROI (Money Won < Money Staked) for both the overall predictions and …

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A Year in Review

A YEAR IN REVIEW As we have now reached 2020 it seems the perfect time to review Akka’s performance during the 2019/2020 season so far. As always this makes for interesting reading if you are skeptical of whether Akka truly works. Firstly let’s cover the English leagues as that’s why many of you are here. …

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